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These online group interview sessions not only offer you the opportunity to ask me your usual questions, but also the opportunity to listen and learn from the questions and experience of others. During my ten years of monastic training, group interviews were the only form in which I received instruction from my teachers. I found it to be a hugely valuable way of learning, and of deepening my sense of community.

Group interview sessions last one hour or until there are no more questions, though you
are welcome to leave before the end of the session if necessary. We finish each group interview with a short period of mudita meditation – a practice of rejoicing for each other in the Dhamma.

Group interviews are most suited to my regular students, or those who have already
had at least one appointment with me previously. If you have never discussed your
meditation with me before, then please consider booking a first time appointment link to
online appointment page] with me online before joining the group interview.

Please note that whilst group interviews are generally held on a Tuesday, there may be
some weeks that are skipped if I am travelling or offline. The time of the group interview
may also change from week to week, depending on which time zone I am in. For this
reason, it is good to always book through the booking link below, even if you attend regularly, so that you can receive the proper notifications and links. For regular updates on my work and availability, I welcome you to subscribe to my newsletter.