Join the community

Join the community

A strong community of wise friends can be a huge support to our meditation practice. As such I am passionate about building community, especially in the west, in a way that is resonant with western culture.

Below are some ways in which you can get involved with our growing community of dedicated meditators. For regular updates on community activities, including Dhamma talks, group sittings, group meditation interviews, online gatherings and in-person events, I welcome you to subscribe to my newsletterI would also love to hear your ideas about how we can best support each other, so do feel free to be in touch with your ideas.

Sanditthika Meditation Community

Sanditthika Meditation Community in the caves of Almeria, Southern Spain, provides a space where anyone is welcome to come and meditate for as long as they like, on a purely donation basis… 

Sangha Support Groups

With there being so much wisdom in our growing community of dedicated meditators it brings me much joy to share with you these Sangha Support groups. Sangha Support groups are run by community members to support the community as a whole. They are here to help us build wise friendship, to establish good habits, to practice accountability, and to learn new skills.

Full moon gathering

Starting in January 2021, I will be hosting a monthly online gathering. Join us on the full moon night to sit together and discuss the Dhamma…

Group interview

These online group interview sessions not only offer you the opportunity to ask me your usual questions, but also the opportunity to listen and learn from the questions and experience of others. During my ten years of monastic training, group interviews were the only form in which I received instruction from my teachers. I found it to be a hugely valuable way of learning, and of deepening my sense of community.